Weatherproof Motorcycle Jack Accessory Lighter Socket Power Outlet 12 Volt Plug

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High Quality 12 Volt Socket. Now with rubber mounting washer. #CK/pba

Socket mounts with a retaining nut, not a press fit that can vibrate loose. Uses standard 0.250 quick connects. Can be used with any style 12 volt plug.

Ships from the USA, delivery in three days.

This is high quality female socket. The socket is weather and UV resistant. The cap fits tightly in the opening making the assembly waterproof. The contacts are nickel plated and the socket body is heavy gauge. The rubber mounting washer makes the assembly vibration resistant and seals the panel opening. It requires an 1 1/8" hole for mounting and has .250 quick spade type male connectors. It can be mounted against a panel with the retaining nut on panels up to 1-1/4" thick. The socket is rated for 15 amps at 12 volts. Draws no power when not in use, so it can't run down your battery.

Works with any standard cigarette lighter style accessory plug.

Not for hot lighter plug use.