12V Custom Heavy Guage 14 AWG Length Wire Harness Cables / Loom 60", 120" 240" #hrn14-X

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Customize the length cable for your 12 volt accessories.

This is a listing which allows you to create a customize wire length  harness up to 24ft. (300") using heavy guage wire.. It consists of 14 AWG wire red and black with a black plastic cover/ loom and a waterproof fuse holder with 15 amp fuse. One end will be terminated in female 0.250 female disconnects compatible with your 12V accessory. You can add a rubber terminal boot that protects the connections from weather.

The other end can be terminated in your choice of ring terminals 1/4" for motor cycle batteries, 5/16" or 3/8" ring terminals for marine batteries, or 3/4" ring terminals for automotive style batteries. You can select a length between 24" and 300". Please send a note after you buy confirming the length you need and the ring terminal selection. Custom items are non returnable.

This item is priced in incremnetal lengths with and without the terminal boot, of 60" or less, 60-120 inches, and 120-240". If you buy one of the options and do not specify a length or termination, we will send you the maximum length for that option and 1/4" ring terminals.

Custom assemblies are non-returnable.