Sump Pump Manual Override Switch Double Sealed Waterproof & Junction Box 12 Volt #SWR1b/encl system #

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Use this switch as a manual override pump switch. This listing is for a double sealed Waterproof submersible switch and a O- ring sealed utility box with a waterproof wire gland. Mounts on flat surfaces.

Ideal for sump pump or well pump 12 volt instalations.

Your choice of switches;

1. SPST black non illuminated.

2. Red Blue Green Yellow LED 12 volt SPST.

3. SPST momentary black non illuminated.

4. SPDT black non illuminated.

5. DPST or DPDT black non illuminated.

6. DPST or DPDT center off black non illuminated.

Contact us after you buy for the switch of your choice if you want other than the Red LED switch shown

Double sealed UV waterproof switch for extreme environments, submersible.

Full front cover bellows seal with secondary bezel seal that protects the switch from water and dust. Capable of brief immersion. Positive feel when switch toggles. Comes with rubber sealing and mounting washer for a waterproof and vibration proof mount.

Assembled and shipped from the USA. Patent Pending.

-Splash proof front and back. #SWR1b/encl

-Waterproof Rocker Switch

-12 volt operation: Rated for 16 amps at 12 volts.

-Has male  crimp style disconnect terminals.

-Two black wire connections for switch contacts. Yellow wire for the LED. Comes with instructions.

-Waterproof IP66.

The enclosure /Utility box:

The clam shell box is 3" x 2.5" x 2.5"with a rubber O- ring seal. The wire input is a waterproof wire gland that can seal a wire up to 1/2" thick. The box has a second knockout wire input egress if required.