Pre Wired Tonal 12V Battery Bank Low Voltage Discharge Alarm w/ Strobe Monitor Panel #BTM14

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Monitor your battery or battery bank for a low voltage discharge condition. Alarms when battery needs to be charged. Audio alarm and strobe light indication. #BTM14

Use with marine boat batteries or battery banks. RV, Solar, Motorcycle, stored vehicle batteries.

Battery types- Automotive flood cells, AGM, Gell Cells, Deep cycle.

Fully wired 12 volt battery monitor panel. Alarms when battery voltage drops to the minimum voltage level of 12.0 volts, 50% discharge. When the battery must be charged to prevent loss of battery life. The built in voltmeter indicates the voltage level. The built in high pitch tonal alarm and flashing strobe light alerts you to the low battery condition. A red LED illuminated mute switch allows you to turn off the the audio alarm but the strobe light will continue to indicate the alarm condition. A three position switch allows you to turn off the the entire panel. The switch has two monitoring positions; one with the voltmeter display on and active, and one position without the voltmeter display for low current monitoring. A built in fuse holder is provided for safety and convenience. A 72" wire harness is provided to connect the panel to your battery / battery bank. Your choice of ring terminals.

This pre-wired assembly consists of a built in battery voltage monitoring circuit board, a high quality voltmeter for checking the voltage level of your battery, built in tonal alarm and strobe light indicator and mute switch, and a three position waterproof switch to control the panel.

The panel monitors your battery when the voltage drops to 12.0 volts the alarm goes off telling you to charger your battery before permanent damage is done to your battery in the low discharge state.  


The meters have easy to read Red LED segments and connect to your 12 volt battery. The meter front is splash proof. The meter draws nominally 10 ma. and the range is 0-35 vdc.


High volume notification tonal alarm with a bright blinking red LED draws 10 ma when in the alarm condition.

Strobe Light:

Six flashes per second at 20000 MCD brightness. White illumination.


Three position switch. Center off draws no power. Monitor position I Monitors only and draws minimal power. When a low voltage condition occurs the alarm will sound. Monitor position II has the voltmeter active and monitors the battery.

Mute red LED switch allow the alarm audio to be turned off while indicating alarm condition with the strobe.

Fuse holder:

Glass fuse 15 amps 5x20. Screw waterproof cap

Mounting and installation

The  mounting plate  is 6" X 3-3/8" X 2" deep.

A 72" red and black wire cables 16 AWG with your choice of ring terminals.


-Working Voltage: DC 10-16 Volts +/- 10%

- Monitor trip voltage 12.0 volt +/-  5%,  factory adjustable upon request 10-14 volts 

- Alarm:

            Piezoelectric 3900 +/- 500 Hz

           Sound volume: 80 db 

           Sound type: intermittent one second on/off 

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†LED Brightness:‚Č•500cd

Operating Current:

            Monitor position I monitoring only less than 1ma.

            Monitor position II monitoring and voltmeter 10 ma.

             Operating current at alarm condition 100 ma nominal.

            Center position off.