New 12V Automotive Battery Indicator Low Charge State Voltage Tester Alarm Panel #swblk2/ba7/t/4/b36

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Monitor your battery or battery bank for a low voltage, Know when the battery must be charged. Loud tonal alarm and indicator sounds when battery must be charged.


Extending the life of your battery reminds you to charge when the battery is half depleted. Unless you are constantly monitoring the voltage level the battery you will not know when to charge. Most marine, motorcycle, and automotive style batteries must be recharged when discharged to the maximum level. If the battery is left to discharge beyond this point it power capacity is permanently reduced and the the battery life is shortened. If the battery is left to fully discharge to zero, like when stored for a prolonged period or excessively drained, the battery can be ruined.

This 12 volt battery monitor panel prevents that condition by alarming when the maximum discharge point is reached. It is ready to install, comes with instructions. Alarms when battery voltage drops to the minimum voltage level, when the battery must be recharged to prevent permanent damage. The built in high pitch tonal alarm and a red warning LED alerts you to the low battery condition. A two position switch allows you to turn off the alarm but keeps the red LED illuminated. The alarm is reset when the battery is plugged into the charger and the voltage is restored. Comes with a waterproof fused 36"cables and your choice of battery stud ring terminals. The panel is splash proof from the front. #BTM5

This pre-wired assembly consists of a built in battery voltage monitoring circuit board, a high quality voltmeter for checking the voltage level of your battery, built in tonal alarm and blinking red indicator, and a three position waterproof switch to control the panel. 

The panel monitors your battery when the voltage drops to 12.0 V( level factory settable) the alarm goes off telling you to charger your battery before permanent damage is done to your battery in the low discharge state.

Mounting and installation 

The mounting plate allows the assembly to be mounted in a panel of any thickness.

A 60" cables with female 0.250 disconnect crimp terminals, come with a waterproof fuse holder and 15 amp fuse. Your choice of ring terminals depending on your battery stud size - 1/4" motorcycle, 3/8" marine and 3/4" automotive. The standard ring terminal is 1/4". contact us after you by if you require a different size.


-Working Voltage: DC 10-15.5 Volts +/- 10% Do not exceed 16 volts.

- Monitor trip voltage 11.9 volt +/- 10%, adjustable 10-14 volts. Set at the factory, let us know what you need after you buy.

-Polarized male 0.250 stud disconnect crimp terminals.

- Alarm:

Piezoelectric 3900 +/- 500 Hz

Sound volume: 80 db

LED Brightness:?500cd

Operating Current:

Monitoring current less than 1 ma

with alarm condition 5 ma.