Metal Cigarette Lighter Socket, Power Outlet 12 Volt W/ Fuse Marine Motorcycle #Ms-/fs15

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Now with waterproof fuse holder with 15 amp fuse. #ms/fs15

Cigarette lighter socket with connectors and opening cap, and a fuse holder. The socket has a nickel plated socket outer shell. Other sockets do not have the rust proof nickle plated socket.
The socket is for 12 volt use up to 20 amps. All Parts are weather resistant and high quality. The assembly consists of an inter socket that is nickel plated and has a ceramic insulator with copper/brass contacts. A clear/silver accent ring enlages the socket mounting flange unique to this assembly.The outer insulating shell is also nickel plated and screws onto the iner socket. The assembly comes with two female 0.250 crimp connectors and a vinyl opening cap that seals the opening. The socket mounts in 7/8 inch whole and is held in place with the outer shell in panels upto 1/4 inch thick.
The fuse holder is an ATO/ATC style waterprool low profile style with a vinyle enclosure. rated at up top 20 amps. Comes with a 10" wire loop of 16 awg gauge wire. comes with a 15 amp fuse.
Can be used with any lighter plug to light cigarettes or with any 12 Volt accessory plug.