Gender Polarity Change SAE Connector Reverse Plug Adapter Converter W/ SAE Cap #SAER/SAECP

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SAE 2 POLE Flat Male to Male Reverse Gender Changer
Includes SAE cable cap
Adapter/Connector Reverse Polarity Switcher
SAE DC Power 2 Pin Flat Plug Male Plug to Male Female to Female Gender Changer Adapter Connector. #Rsae/saecp
Swap the polarity of your SAE 2-pin connector on your standard solar panel, vehicle accessory wiring.
Industry standard SAE 2-pin connector
Cable max. rating: 10 Amp 

Solid Plug in- no wires to get in the way straight, compact, plug in to switch poles

These are heavy duty SAE connectors. 
This item is perfect for accessory usage, battery charging polarity change, battery testing, SAE plug reversing of poles.
The cap can be used to protect and terminate an 2 in SAE cable assembly.