Fuse Holder 12V w/External Blown Fuse Indicator Plug Socket Style Panel Mount. #fssr-15R

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Warning Indicating fuse holder with blown fuse LED circular array. Will externally visually indicate that the internal fuse has blown.

Panel Mount Fuse Holder Plug Socket Style. With glass 15 amp fuse standard 5x20 mm. Blown fuse indicator. Wire leads 150 mm. Water resistant front surface.

Fits in panels of any thickness. Rubber washer acts as a sealing washer or a lock washer for high vibration applications. #fssr-15R When a fuse blows during normal operation. The circular LED array around the fuse holder will glow red. Changing the fuse or powering off the circuit will extinguish the indicator. 

Marine and Industrial applications, motorcycle, RTV, ATV, truck, car, trailer, snowmobile. Indicating fuse holder with 15 Amp fuse. This listing is for one panel mount fuse holder 12 volt / 24 volt. Rated for 15 amps. Include 15 amp fuse 5 x 20 mm glass fuse.

Comes with a rubber mounting washer for sealing or to act as a lock washer. Copper and brass construction with screw cap. Splash proof front and covered back. Wire leads 150 mm. Mounts in panels with 1-18" hole. Panel thickness of 1-1/2 thick with the backing nut. In panels of any thickness with the mounting plate. Made in the USA.