Dual USB Charger Power Socket Outlet Plug 12 Volt Panel Mount Boat Truck Auto ybd-T

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Integrated high quality socket with USB accessory charger and sealing cap and Waterproof USB cable connection.



Ships from the USA.



This listing is for one USB dual charger socket with weatherproof cap. Attaches to your 12 volt source and allows you to charge USB accessories. No LED to draw down your battery #YBD-t



The socket body is nylon with all nickel plated parts. The weatherproof cap snaps into the front of the charger to keep moisture out when not in use. The socket has 0.250 male spade type terminals for easy wire connections.

This charger socket assembly is that it has no LED indicator light. An LED draws between 5- 10 ma and when you wire the charge directly to your battery, the LED will slowly draw down your battery.

The charger is rated for 3.1 amps at 5 vdc with a USB devices. Unlike less expensive charger adapters, this charger use built in integrated semiconductor technology to produce a constant 5 Volts DC This constant voltage source is important for operating and charging the batteries of your accessories, from a 12 volt source.



The socket body fits in a 1-1/8" hole and fits in panels of unlimited thickness by securing the mounting plate to the panel surface with two screws (not included).