Waterproof w/Boot Heavy Duty 25 Amp 12V Socket And Plug High Power Outlet Accessory #JD+#/zplg/pba

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Heavy duty high current 25 amp socket and plug for 12 volt appliances. Waterproof assembly with Terminal Boot, heavy duty plug and rubber skirt. #JD+#/zplg/pba

Rubber terminal boot protects wire connections from weather and water spray.
Rubber washer acts as a locking washer to prevent the nut from coming loose in high vibration installations.
Rubber plug skirt goes over the plug and seals the plug to socket connection from weather.
Assembled and shipped from the USA
Good for defrosters, car heaters, seat warmer, coffee makers, heated gloves or jacket, etc. This socket and plug can be used for all 12 volt accessories such as GPS, 12 volt chargers or iPods but also works with 12 volt appliances.
The socket works with all 12 volt style accessory plugs.
A heavy duty socket which has a heavy UV and heat resistant body and a nickel plated core and brass terminals with ceramic insulator. A vinyl opening cap inserts into the core and covers the socket rim to produce a waterproof seal. Also included is a rubber terminal boot and mounting washer that makes the assembly more vibration resistant and waterproof. The socket works with all standard accessory plugs. The internal socket core is smooth for accessory plug. The terminals are male 0.250 or 6mm style crimp terminals. The socket mounts into a 1-1/8" hole. It is rated a 25 amps at 12 volts. Socket length from flange to the end of the terminals is 2.0". Patent 12vtechnology.
A heavy duty high capacity accessory plug rated at 25 amps for 12 volts. The plug comes with a rubber weather skirt that allows the plug to socket connection to stay dry when used outdoors.
Why is this a 25 amp plug?
1. The negative contacts are heavy spring phosphor bronze nickel plated for positive surface contact. 2. When the plug is inserted in the socket the negative contacts compress and the surface contact area increase. 3. The positive contact center fuse spring, is also extra heavy duty and isĀ oversized for maximum conductivity. 4. The plug housing and internal structure is 100% Bakelite to withstand the heat generated by high current operation. TheĀ plug is fused for 25 amps, No LED, draws no power when not in use. Your wires attach to the plug via solder pads, 14 AWG max.
Two ways to mount this socket. It can be mounted against a panel that is up to 1-1/2" thick by using the socket nut supplied. The nut tightens on the socket body to secure the socket to the panel. Or it can be mounted to even thicker panels by using the compression plate with two screws. The plate goes over the front of the socket flange and the two screw press the socket up against the panel from the front.
This socket is for accessories and not for hot cigarette lighter use.