Extra Long Cord Universal Secondary Drain Pan Condensate Float Switch - CS-3 #swFLT2

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Universal extra long wire cord line float switch, 14 feet, with stainless steel mount.. #swFLT2

18 Gauge Lead Wires. 14 foot length, Flood Prevention Switches are simple to install, easy to service and extremely reliable. As water level in the auxiliary or main drain pipe rises due to a clogged air conditioning condensate drain, the switch shuts off the system—thus preventing water from overflowing and causing damage to doors, walls and ceilings. At the heart of the switch is a durable yet precise magnetic reed switch. Constructed of materials that will not rust or stick, the switch operates smoothly every time. Safe Switch / Condensate Switch # FSC5002U / CS-3 / FPS-B

Standex compatable. 

  • Replaces / Supersedes:  SWT3674 SWT-3674 SWT03674 SWT3234 SWT-3234 SWT03234 MARS 21792 685744217923 FSC5002U FSC5002 CS3 CS-3 FPS-B TP-SS3 97631 97647 TP-SS-3 B17-154 SS-3 SS3 84-SS3 021449976473 10021449976470 662766290042 1394543330889 118956 RXHKA01 RXHK-A01 B17154 B17-154 Safe-T-Switch Overflow Shut-Off Switch and Similar Condensate Switches.