Battery 12V Low Voltage Alert Detector Discharge Alarm Monitor w/Mute Switch # BA11

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Monitor Battery Bank or a Single Battery. Prevents your battery from going dead before it can be recharged.
Low Battery Detector prevents dead batteries- Panel mount. #BA11

The pre-wired panel. Connected to your battery or battery bank plus and minus. Includes a detector alarm and mute button switch. The alarm will sound if your battery or battery bank becomes discharged to the level at which it must be charged to prevent reduced battery life or a dead battery. The detectors produces a loud tonal alarm and an internal red LED will illuminate to indicate the active alarm condition and state of the discharge. An illuminated mute button allows you to turn off the tonal portion of the alarm. The mute button and  internal alarm LED will continue to glow.

Avoid dead battery; due prolonged use, due to prolonged storage, or battery charger failure. This lets you know when battery must be charged. #BA8

Works with all types of 12 volt batteries.- Lead Acid, Gel Cell, AGM.

Ideal for vehicles that are in storage or with any 12 volt battery being stored for a prolonged period.

This device is connected to your battery. If your battery gets discharged below 12 volts ( 50% discharge) the alarm will sound and a red LED will glow. This allows you to know when you must begin recharging your battery before the discharge becomes excessive and permanent loss of battery life occurs. To turn the alarm sound off press the mute button. The alarm internal red LED will continue to glow while the alarm condition exsits. When muted the red mute button with glow to remind you it is in mute, even after the alarm condition has been cleared by charging the battery.

Ideal for Motorcycles, Cars in storage, Snowmobiles, ATV, Boat batteries, Generator starting batteries, RV battery banks, Sump pumps, well pumps, sewage discharge pumps and bilge pumps.

This listing is for one (1) battery monitor with alarm and mute button. Comes pre-wired, ready to install. When the battery voltage drops below 12.0 volts, on the battery /battery bank, the tonal alarm and LED will be active. The alarm is a 80 db piezoelectric alarm at 3000hz. Operate down to 8 volts and up to 15 volts.

Do not exceed 16 volts.