Car Heavy Duty Cigarette Lighter or Power Plug Socket 25 Amp 12V Flange Mount #ms6

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High current power and lighter plug sockets.

This listing is for one 25 Amp, at 12 volt power and hot lighter sockets. The socket is metal and ceramic construction for high current and cigarette lighter applications. Tight fitting front cap prevents water intrusion. Use with 25 Amp 12 volt plug for maximum performance. #MS6

For accessories, 12 volt appliance. ā€“ Heaters, refrigerators, air compressors, pumps, tools,

Can be used with a hot pop out lighter cigarette plug or any 12V accessory plug..

AssembledĀ in the USA.

The socket:

Mounts in holes 7/8ā€ to 1-1/8ā€. In panels of any thickness. Integral socket and mounting bracket hold the socket to the panel with two screws.

Why is this a 25 amp socket?

High current socket needs to be heat proof and be able dissipate heat generated by high current applications.

The negative terminal on the socket is offset for use with a heavier maleĀ connectors

This socketĀ  has a double metal shell with a ceramic core and is air cooled. Held in place by the mounting bracket. The socket is suspended in the bracket by a heat dissipating washer..

The socket is a lighter and accessory socket for all standard 12 volt plugsĀ  Fits in a hole 1-1/8"Ā Ā The mounting bracket allows it to be used in panels of any thickness.

Uses 0.250 female terminals off any wire size.Ā 

The socket comes assembled as shown with front cap and two mounting screws.Ā