Appliance Use High Current Socket and Bakelite Plug High Power 25 Amp Lighter Style #MS5/ZPLG/PBA

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This listing is for one 25 Amp, 12 volt power socket and 25 Amp plug with weather skirt.  The plug has Bakelite shell for high temperature use and the socket is metal and ceramic construction for high current applications. Tight fitting front cap prevents water intrusion. Use with 25 Amp 12 volt plug for maximum performance. #MS5/ZPLG/PBA

For accessories, 12 volt appliance. – Heaters, refrigerators, air compressors, pumps, tools,

Assembled and ships from the USA.

The socket:

Mounts in holes 7/8” to 1-1/8”. In panels of any thickness. Integral socket and mounting bracket hold the socket to the panel with two screws.

Why is this a 25 amp socket?

High current socket need to be heat proof and dissipate heat.

This socket is all double metal shell with a ceramic core and is air cooled. Held in place by the mounting bracket. The socket is suspended in the bracket by a heat dissipating double washer.

Not a lighter socket with internal cut outs. This socket has a smooth interior for maximum plug to socket electrical contact.

The socket is an accessory socket for 12 volt plugs and chargers. It is slightly longer and capable of carrying more power. It can fits in the same size hole as a standard lighter socket. It is an accessory socket because internally it has a smooth bore, no lighter plug prongs and a heavy duty ceramic base positive contact. 

All Parts are weather resistant and high quality. The assembly consists of an inter socket that is nickel plated and has a ceramic insulator with copper/brass contacts. The outer insulating shell is also nickel plated and screws onto the inner socket. 

Uses 0.250 female terminals off any wire size. Can be used with locking crimp terminals TE 85033-1. Recommended maximum wire gauge 12 AWG.

The socket comes assembled as shown with front cap and two mounting screws. Works with all common 12 volt accessory plugs including the 25 amp plug included.

The Plug:

High Power Heavy Duty 12 volt Appliance 25 amp Accessory Lighter Fused Plug. Comes with rubber plug skirt

Heavy duty high capacity accessory plug rated at 25 amps (30 amps peak) for 12 volts.         

Why is this a high current plug?

  1. The negative contacts are heavy spring nickel plated, broad and flat for maximum surface area contact.
  2. The positive contact is 50% wider that typical plugs for maximum surface contact.
  3. The positive contact center fuse spring, is also extra heavy duty for maximum conductivity.
  4. The plug housing and internal structure is 100% Bakelite to withstand the heat generated by high current operation.
  5. The rubber plug skirt keeps the socket to plug connection dry in outdoor applications.

The plug is fused for 25 amps. Use 12 AWG maximum wire size. Your wires attach to the plug via solder pads.