Plug Skirt Boot Cover Waterproof connection for Accessory/ Lighter Sockets #PBA

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Keep you socket and plug combination dry and weatherproof with the unique plug boot by 12vtechnology.                                                                          PBA

This listing is for one (1) universal waterproof rubber plug boot ( this listing is just for the universal boot, the plugs and sockets shown are not included). The boot slips over any standard lighter plug or accessory charger plug. When the plug is plugged into the socket the boot slides down the plug shaft and mates with the socket to form a waterproof seal between the plug and the socket. This prevents water intrusion and potential short circuits.

When using a 12 volt plug and socket combination outdoors, there is a gap between the socket and the plug that is susceptible to water entry. The plug boot shown slides over any cigarette lighter plug or accessory plug . When the plug is in the power outlet / socket the boot presses up against the socket surface and forms a seal. No more blown fuses or intermittent operation.