Accessory Lighter Socket Outlet Jack 12V Wire 16 AWG Harness Loom 60” Motorcycle #a60

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Wire 16 gauge AWG loom socket / outlet harness 60" with waterproof fuse holder and 15 amp fuse. Attaches directly to your battery.

Use for hooking up lighter and accessory 12 volt sockets.

The harness is rated for 15 amp operation at 12 volts.

This listing is for one 60 inch (5 ft.) wire harness / loom assembly made with red and black low profile copper wire in a black insulation jacket. The harness has a molded in waterproof vinyl ATC fuse holder and a 15 amp fuse inserted in the red lead. The harness is terminated with 1/4" female crimp or spade connectors that fits lighter and accessory sockets products. On the opposite end, it's terminated in 1/4" ring terminals that are compatible with most motorcycle style batteries.