Waterproof High/Low beam Switch SPDT Rocker Handlebar #swblk2-1B+smnt+bhrn60-3+sbpn.

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For ATVs - Use with moyorcycle, ATV< Snowmobiles                                          #swblk2-1B+smnt+bhrn60-3+sbpn.

High Beam, Low Beam, Center off three position switch controller switch.
Highly waterproof handlebar three position maintained rocker switch. Wired with 60 inch three wire cable. The center off switch has a  up position and a down position. 

The SPDT center off  switch has a front double waterproof membrane and a rubber wire protective boot with a 60 Inch three wire cable. 

Fits handlebars 7/8" and 1.0".

The switch has a 15 amp rating.