Waterproof Winch Switch Momentary SPDT Rocker Handlebar ATV HONDA SUZUKI YAMAHA Polaris #swblk32+smnt+bhrn60-3+sbpn.

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For ATVs - Use with HONDA SUZUKI YAMAHA POLARIS                                              #swblk32+smnt+bhrn60-3+sbpn.

UP / DOWN or IN / OUT Winch controller switch.
Highly waterproof handlebar three position winch controller momentary rocker switch. Wired with 60 inch three wire cable. The center off switch has a momentary up position and a momentary down position. 

The SPDT center off double momentary switch has a front double waterproof membrane and a rubber wire protective boot with a 60 Inch three wire cable. Also available with a Momentary DPDT center off with a six wire cable. Two separtate circuits. Contact us for a price.

Fits handlebars 7/8" and 1.0".

The switch has a 15 amp rating (180 watts or 1/4 HP) and should be used to switch a winch relay controller only. Will not control a 1/2 HP to 2 HP winch directly.