Waterproof Ultra Loud 125 DB Pulsating Alarm and Flashing LEDs Sealed NEMA Box 12V Marine #AL18

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Outdoor waterproof bright LEDs, 125 DB piercing Alarm pulsating alarm and NEMA O-ring sealed enclosure with wire sealing gland. The alarm features a waterproof membrane that allow sound out but not water in.  

Splash Waterproof front lens bright LEDs- self bailing but lets super loud sound out.

Smallest most powerful panel mounted alarm with extra bright LED visual indication.

Why is this a waterproof alarm- Lets sound out but not water in.

  1. A sound membrane between the alarm lens and electronics keeps out moisture.
  2. Self bailing lens, allows water intrusion to be expelled.
  3. Waterproof clam shell mount with sealing wire gland.


Can be heard over engine noise.  LEDs for visual attention indication.

Attention getting very loud 125 db alarm notifies.  Panel mounts.  #AL18            

Great for Marine, Sump Pump and Industrial applications.

 Wire this alarm in parallel with any 12 volt warning light to be notified when there is a problem. 

For bilge alarms, engine overheating, sump pump activation and low oil pressure.

Use with boats, RV, motorcycle, trucks, cars ATVs, snowmobiles, marine.

Rate Voltage: 12V DC 

Operating Current: 200 ma.

Type: Alarm with red LEDs.

Sound Level : 125 db ( caution sound level can damage hearing when in close proximity).

The junction box with rubber o-ring seal is 3.0" x 2.5" x 2.5". The wire egress is a waterproof wire gland for up to 3/8" cable.