Waterproof High Heat Heavy Duty 12 volt 25 amp Accessory Lighter Fused Socket Plug + Skirt #rplg/PBA

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Weatherproof Heavy Duty 12 volt 25 amp Accessory Lighter Fused Plug w/ Skirt.


This listing is for one heavy duty high capacity accessory plug rated at 25 amps for 12 volts. The plug comes with a rubber weather skirt that allows the plug to socket connection to stay dry when used outdoors. #RPLG/PBA

Why is this a 25 amp plug?

1. The negative contacts are heavy spring phosphor bronze nickel plated for positive surface contact.

2. When the plug is inserted in the socket the negative contacts compress and the surface contact area increase.

3. The positive contact center fuse spring, is also extra heavy duty for maximum conductivity.

4. The plug housing and internal structure is 100% Bakelite to withstand the heat generated by high current operation.

5. The plug skirt seals the plug to socket connection from moisture intrusion which can cause a poor connection and high operating temprature.

The plug is fused for 25 amps, No LED, draws no power when not in use. Your wires attach to the plug via solder pads.