Waterproof Dual USB Charger Socket Power Plug Outlet 4.8A Dash Mount 60" Harness

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Integrated high quality socket with USB dual accessory charger,sealing cap, rubber sealing washer, 60 inch fused harness, and mounting plate. Mounts in panels of unlimited thickness. # P/sw/2sq/ahrn60

Ships from the USA.

Charges iPhones, iPads, GPS.

Listing is for one 4.8 amp USB charging socket all in one integrated design with a five foot waterproof fused cable and fuse. Has two ports each capable of 2.4 amps plus.. A tight fitting cap protects the USB ports when not in use. Mounting washer seals the mount and make the assembly vibration proof. UV resistant.

Fits in a 1-1/8" hole. Can mount in panels of 1-1/4" with just the backing nut, or in panels of unlimited thickness with the mounting plate.

Over-current over-voltage, over-load and over-temperature protection.

The intelligent control will prolong the cycle life of the battery.
Environmentally friendly, energy-saving.
High working efficiency: over 85%, good charging performance.
Rapid charges your phone safely and without overcharging your battery

1: Input : 12V
2: Output : 5V---4.8A

3: Rapid charging for mobile phone
4: IC chip inside prevents overcharging and short circuit