Waterproof Dual USB Charger Socket Power Plug Outlet 4.2 Amp Adapter Dash Mount WA#

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Integrated high quality socket with High power 4.2 Amp USB dual accessory charger, sealing cap, rubber sealing washer and mounting plate. Mounts in panels of unlimited thickness. # WB/sw/2sq



Rubber washer acts as a locking washer to prevent the nut from coming loose in high vibration installations.


Ships from the USA.




Charges iPhones, iPads, GPS.


Listing is for one 4.2 amp USB charging socket all in one integrated design. Has two ports, both charging at 2.1 amp enough to charge two iPhones and full charge. A tight fitting cap protects the USB ports when not in use. Mounting washer seals the mount and make the assembly vibration proof. UV resistant. Part number WA#


Fits in a 1-1/8" hole. Can mount in panels of 1-1/4" with just the backing nut, or in panels of unlimited thickness with the mounting plate.


Over-current over-voltage, over-load and over-temperature protection.


The intelligent control will prolong the cycle life of the battery.
Environmentally friendly, energy-saving, complying with the safe certification standard.
High working efficiency: over 85%, good charging performance.
Rapid charging your phone safely and without overcharging your battery


Replaces Blue Sea Systems equivalent.


1: Input : 12V
2: Output : 5V---4.2A

3: Rapid charging for mobile phone
4: IC chip inside prevents overcharging and short circuit


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