Waterproof Cigarette Cigar Lighter Plug w/ Boot 12 Volts Motorcycle Marine Boat #splg/pba

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Waterproof 12 volt cigarette lighter plug with boot also called a weather skirt. Works with automotive 12 volt lighter sockets*. splg/pba

Ships from the USA.

This listing is for one standard nickel plated lighter plug with one rubber skirt (does not include the socket). The plug is universal and can work with automotive lighter socket/outlets. When the plug is plugged into the socket the boot or weather skirt seals the opening to prevent water intrusion and prevents short circuits and blown fuses. This combination is ideal for outdoor installations.

When you push it into the socket it heats up and pops out when ready. If you need a lighter socket see our store under sockets. A lighter plug will only work with a metal lighter socket it will not work in an accessory socket. A lighter socket has prongs inside, an accessory socket is smooth inside. Draws 5 amps at 12 volts when pushed in. Draws nothing when at rest so will not drain your battery.

*This will not fit a Harley Davidson Socket.