Waterproof Accessory Lighter Locking Socket Power Jack w/Boot 12V Plug Marine SR+#

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True Locking Socket Marine Grade With Panel Mount Rubber Sealing Washer and Rubber Terminal Boot. SR+/#

Why is this 12 volt socket worth more than others that look identical? This is a heavy duty socket that is a true locking socket. This means that the socket will work with any 12 volt accessory plug and a locking plug. A locking plug is a special plug that can be temporarily locked into the socket so it can't be pulled out accidentally or can't vibrate out. This socket also has brass nickel contacts that can't rust. A rubber selaing washer seals the socket to the panel and also acts as an anti vibration  locking washer.The socket also includes a rubber terminal boot which covers the wire connection and keeps them dry.


This is a kit a high quality female socket with a rubber terminal boot, rubber sealing washer and female connectors. The socket is marine grade and is weather and UV resistant. The contacts are nickel plated brass and the socket body is heavy gauge. The socket is vibration resistant, unlike less expensive versions. The sealing washer goes between the socket body and the panel to insure a tight water resistant assembly. It requires an 1 1/8" hole for mounting and has .250 quick spade type male connectors. The terminal boot fits over the back of the socket to protect the connections from weather. It can be mounted against a panel with the retaining nut on panels up to 1-1/4" thick. For thicker panels the socket can be mounted with the compression plate. The socket is rated at 15 amps at 12 volts, 20 amps peak. Socket draws no power when not in use so it can't run your battery down.


Works with any standard cigarette lighter plug or lockable marine plug. Check our other auction if you need a locking plug or mount. A locking plug looks like a regular male lighter plug but when twisted in this socket can not be pulled out easily, unless twisted again. It is weather resistant and vibration proof.

Not for hot lighter use.

Assembled in the USA.