Two Battery Voltmeter Monitor Marine Boat House Banks Starting With Cables

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Monitor the voltage of two independent battery banks. Either two house batteries or a house battery bank and a starting battery. Comes with two waterproof fused 60" cables and your choice of battery stud ring terminals. The panel mount red digit voltmeter has a splash proof front. #2cvmb/tplt-/4sq/2ahrn60

This is a high quality voltmeter assembly for checking the state of your batteries and battery charger. The state of your batteries between full charged and discharged. Can indicate a poor or bad charging system. Tells whether your battery is holding a charge or not.

The meters have easy to read red LED segments and connect to your 12 volt banks. The meter front is splash proof. The meter draws nominally 10 ma. and the range is 0-35 vdc.

The twin mounting plate allows the assembly to be mounted in a panel of any thickness.

The two 60" cables come with a waterproof fuse holder and 15 amp fuse. Your choice of ring terminals depending on your stud size - 1/4" standard. 3/8" and 3/4" automotive style on special request.