Two 12V Battery Bank Voltmeter Monitors Charge State & Alarms When to Recharge #2swr3/2cvmr/CBA7 swblk6A/hplt/4sq/2a60

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For a two battery bank. House batteries and a starting battery. Fast installation comes wired with instructions. #2swr3/2cvmr/CBA7 swblk6A/hplt/4sq/2a60

1. Voltmeter with red display digits and LED illuminated switch turns on and off the display. One for each battery / bank. ( blue available upon request)

2. Battery discharge detector, alerts you to a low voltage condition and to when the batteries must be charged. This can avoid a dead battery during continuous use. Also extends the life of our batteries by avoiding excessive discharge. A tonal alarm with red LED indicator sound on alarm.

3. A three way switch, with a center off, allows you to toggle the discharge detector between the two battery displays. The detector can monitor the specific battery bank even with the display off.

4. Two 60" fused wire harnesses on for each battery /bank. Allows for fast installation.

Monitor the voltage of two independent battery banks with a common ground. The red Illuminated switches allows you to turn off the individual voltmeters. A three way switch allows you to toggle the low voltage monitor between the to displays. The low voltage monitor measures voltage the batteries voltage level. It will produce an alarm with an LED visual indication when the battery level reaches the level ( 50%) that the batteries must be charged to avoid battery life reduction.

Monitors either house batteries and starting battery. Comes wired with two waterproof fused 60" cables, one for each battery / bank.

Ideal for for marine, solar, truck, boat battery banks.

The meter and alarm for each bank. They attaches to the battery bank terminals with a 60 inch fused cable. If your battery or battery bank gets discharged below 12 volts the alarm will sound and a red LED will glow. This allows you to know when you must begin recharging your battery before the discharge becomes excessive and permanent loss of battery life occurs. The alarm is a 80 db tonal alarm at 3000 hz. with red LED.

 Plate is 5-3/4" x 3-1/4".