Triple USB 9.3 Amp Chargers Panel Plug Jack Mount Marine 12 V Motorcycle Outlet

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SHIPS From the USA.

Available with or without the LED. Contact us after you buy if you do not want the LED.

This is a listing for three dual 3.1 amp USB chargers that operates off of 12 volts. The material are of high quality and can be used for outside operation. Comes with rubber sealing mounting washers, #cu/cu/cu/qplt/4#

Rubber washer acts as a locking washer to prevent the nut from coming loose in high vibration installations.

Each USB Charger:

3.1 amp output at 5 volts.

Over-current, over-voltage, over-load and over-temperature protection.

Rubber sealing washer makes the assembly more waterproof and vibration resistant.

1: Input : 12V
2: Output : 5V---3.1A

3: Rapid charging for mobile phone
4: overcharging and short circuit protection.

The chargers fit in a 1-1/8" holes in panels up to 1-1/2 inch thick with just the backing nut. See the attached drilling template for more details.