Tight Install Motorcycle Marine USB Charger Socket High Power 3.1 Amp -No LED #CYBD/whrn30

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Powerful waterproof USB charger socket with right angle boot for tight installations and 30" fused cable.

Great for GPS, ipod, cell and all 12 volt accessories. #CYBD/whrn30

This is a kit of one 3.1 amp USB charging socket with cap and right angle terminal boot, 30 inch harness also known as a loom and ATO fuse holder and 15 amp fuse.

the charger body is a heavy nylon with all nickel plated parts. The weatherproof cap fits into and over the front of the charger to keep moisture out when not in use. The socket has 0.250 male spade type terminals for easy wire connections.


Another advantage of this charger socket assembly is that it has no LED indicator light, like other chargers. An LED draws between 5- 10 ma .


This charger is rated for 3.1 amps at 5 vdc and can accept two USB devices. Built in integrated semiconductor technology to produce a constant 5 Volts DC This constant voltage source is important for operating and charging the batteries of your accessories, from a 12 (11-14) volt source.