Switch and Guard / Weather Visor & Waterproof Rocker Switch SPST 12 Volt LED Panel

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Prevents accidental switch activation.

This is and assembly of a waterproof blue LED illuminated rocker switch and a switch guard with a weather / sun visor. The switch guard and switch mount on a panel or dashboard surface. The guard protects the switch from accidentally being toggled.

The switch is a single pole single throw (SPST) type.

Your choice of colors. We also have RED, Green, Yellow and black (no illuminated). Contact after you buy if you want a different color other than blue.

New and improved rubber front bellows seal that protects the switch from water. Positive feel when switch toggles.

Assembled and ships from the USA.

-Splash proof front and back. #SWB1/grd

-Blue Illuminated Waterproof Rocker Switch –SPST (Illumination is