Stored 12 Volt Save Battery Discharge Detector Alarm Auto Truck Use w/ Charger..

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Monitors discharge usage. Lets you know when battery must be charged. #BA2-3/4

Let's you know when your battery must be recharged. Easy to install and splash resistant.

Can be used with your battery charger to let you know if charger power is lost.

For all kinds of storage batteries- Lead Acid, Gel Cell, AGM



This device goes across your battery and attaches to the battery terminal with a 36 inch fused cable terminated in 3/4" ring terminals. If your battery gets discharged below 12.0 volts (adjustable 10-14 v) the alarm will sound and a red LED will glow. This allows you to know when you must begin recharging your battery before the discharge becomes excessive and permanent loss of battery life occurs. This model has automotive style battery lug ring terminals. Other models available with motorcycle battery stud terminal of marine battery stud terminals.



Ideal for vehicles that are in storage or with any 12 volt battery being stored for a prolonged period.

This listing is for one (1) battery monitor with alarm and LED. Has a fused 36 inch harness that attaches to automotive style battery terminal lugs with ring terminals. Place the ring terminals on the lugs under the cables. When the battery voltage drops below 12.0 volts the alarm and LED will be active. The alarm is a 80 db tonal alarm at 3000 hz. The monitor draws 50ua. when not in the alarm condition and draw 30ma. when the alarm is active and will operate down to 8 volts. Do not exceed 15 volts operation. Comes with 3/4" ring terminals for automotive type


batteries. Available upon request 1/4" or 3/8" ring terminals can be substituted.