Socket 12 Volt Plug Outlet Mounting Hole Bore 1-1/8" Drill Panel Dashboard 1.125"

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Use this 1.125" conical bore to enlarge an existing lighter socket hole or create a new hole required to mount your nylon 12 volt accessory socket, switch or light in a metal, plastic or wood dashboard or panel. #br1

Use for socket outlets, USB chargers, voltmeters, switches, lighter and alarms with nylon bodies.

This is a listing for one 1-1/8" (1.125) bore / ream with a Ľ" shaft (Socket products shown is not included in this listing). An easy and safes way to create or enlarge a socket mounting hole in metal or plastic panel or dashboard. If you want to upgrade car metal cigarette lighter socket to a new accessory socket or USB charger the existing hole needs to be enlarged. Automotive cigarette lighter outlets fit in ľ" holes, the new outlets require a 1-1/8" hole. This bore will allow you to quickly and safely enlarge the opening to 1-1/8".

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How to use it:

Always wear safety glasses and a face mask.

Tape the working area off with blue tape.

If you are boring a new hole; mark the location and then drill a Ľ" starter hole first.

Use the bore with a 1/4" drill or larger, Run it at medium to low speed. Apply steady light pressure when boring.

This bore will bore a hole that 1-1/8" in diameter.

-Add a heavy paper, actual size mounting plate, drilling template set to your purchase. Allows you to position the location of the holes that need to be drilled for your installation. See 121581701935.