Small Mini Louvered Air Vent Black Camper Rv Trailer Top Travel Boat 1-1/8" Hose #vnt1#

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For air conditioners, evaporator or forced air heater. Orientation adjustable. Hose adaptable.
Louvered panel dashboard air vent fit 1-1/8 inch hole and hose. Fits in panels of unlimited thickness.  
Can be mounted two ways free standing round installation or with rectangular mounting plate and screws. #VNT1#
Use on boats, RVs, campers and vehicles of all kinds.
Used to vent small space like behind instrument panels, small compartments or lockers.
Can be adapted to your forced air system, engine heater or open vent
This listing is for one black vents with optional mounting hardware. Mounts in 1-1/8" hole, Panels of any thickness.  Length is 2.0 inches, bezel diameter 1-1/2". Optional bezel extender to 2.0 inches available at our other listing shown but not included in this listing.

Uses 1-1/8 inch corrugated black or white bilge hose or equivalent. Available at marine stores, shown in this list but not included.
Quantity discount for ten or more. Made by 12vtechnology Inc.