Ski-Doo 12-Volt Power Outlet Jack Socket. with Contact Boot- Ski Doo

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Why pay more for the identical part- with these extras: #CS+

Now includes a straight vinyl wire boot to protect the wire terminal connections from water and weather. This makes the socket even more resistant to the environment for more reliable operation.

Also comes with two insulated female crimp/spade connectors.

12-V kit provides on the go power to charge electrical products such as your cell phone or GPS.

Ski-Doo 12-Volt Power Outlet All models with Batteries.

This is a kit of a female socket The socket is marine grade and is weather resistant, the cap seals the socket interior and the boot covers the wire terminals for added protection. The contacts are nickel plated. The socket is vibration resistant, unlike less expensive versions. It requires an 1 1/8" hole for mounting and has .250 quick male connectors. The socket is rated at 150 watts (12 amps), 15 amp peak at 12 volts. Draws no power when not in use, so it can't run down your battery.