SAE to Lighter Style Plug Socket 18" Adapter Power Trailer Cable Battery Tender #SAE1/rsae

Regular price $9.95

Plugs into a standard SAE battery cable.
Listing is for one SAE to lighter socket with cap adapter 18" long. Accepts all 12 volt style accessory plugs. #SAE1

Convert a SAE, 2 Wire or Battery Tender harness to a cigarette socket. Good for cell phones, radar detectors & GPS units. Carry this in case of an emergency, plugs into any Battery Tender lead.
Comes with polarity reversing adapter if needed.
Ideal for powering cell phones, GPS units, radar detectors, satellite radios, air compressors and other electrical accessories. These cables are used inside your luggage to provide a combination of outlets that best serves your needs.
Not for hot lighter use.