SAE Plug Connector Converter Adapter Kit Motorcycle 12 Volt Weatherproof Splice #SAE1K

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SAE plug kit.



For Appliances accessories, GPS, Cell Phone Chargers.

Also adapts to Battery Tender charger.

This kit allows you to add an SAE plug to your own cord or harness. Crimp butt splice terminals with the adhesive lined heat shrink make for a weatherproof connection. #SAE1K

No soldering required.

The kit comes with a SAE type plug, a wire 16 AWG pigtail with two butt splice connectors and a length of adhesive lined heat shrink tubing. Put the heat shrink tubing over the wire. Then crimp your accessory cord wires to the butt splice connectors. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connection and heat the tubing to produce a neat splice. You select the polarity for the wires to match the mating plug.