Replacement USB Socket Charger Extreme Weather Cover Cap Lid Motorcycle Marine

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Extreme Weather replacement or spare socket cap for Dual USB charger sockets. #ycp

This is a listing for one replacement USB cap to use with your existing nylon 1-1/8" USB charger. The chargers and stock cap shown are not included. You will receive just the Extreme Weather cap.

Tired of the stock socket caps not fitting tightly in the charger opening. Regular stock caps do not always fit because Thinner soft vinyl caps deform and soften in hot weather, and harden and shrink in cold weather. The caps can also become loose in high vibration conditions. This cap is larger and thicker than the stock cap and covers the complete USB openings, always fit snugly. It will fit all standard dual USB 12 volt accessory chargers ( chrger and stock cap shown above are not included in this listing).

The cap is not for a metal cigarette lighter style USB charger inserts. See our other listing if you want a cap for a metal style lighter socket.

Quantity discounts available upon request.

-Extended warranty. This product comes with a one year warranty for damage during normal use. Just return it for repair or replace. If you want to extend the basic warranty period to three years, buy this