Replacement Cigarette Lighter Cover Cap Lid 12 Volt Plug Socket Spare Assortment

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We sell a a variety of different replacement socket or outlet caps. Folks send us pictures of their sockets and ask us if this or that cap will fit? It's hard to tell by looking at a picture. While all socket openings look similar there are slight (1-5mm) size variations so one cap does not fit all. If the cap is too small it will fit loosely in the opening and easily fall out. The cap plug should be slightly (1-2 mm) larger than the opening so it fits like a cork. We provide cap dimensions for most of our caps but the opening is hard to measure unless you have a vernier caliper. Also the retaining ring size varies from socket to socket. So here we are offering a variety of replacement or spare socket caps that fit most accessory / cigarette style lighter plug sockets. This is an assortment of 6 caps that vary in style size and shape. Find the one that fits your socket. #cpk6

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This listing is for variety of six (6) vinyl cap that will fit most standard cigarette style lighter sockets found in most cars, boats, RVs, trucks. The cap end will fit over an assortment of socket opening that vary in size. The retaining ring is designed for different socket bodies that vary from 3/4" to 1-1/8". Can be used for metal or plastic power / lighter outlet jacks.