Quality SAE Cable to USB Charger Adapter 3.1 Amps Motorcycle Handlebar No LED #CYBD+SBPN+SAE1/CP

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High quality SAE cable to USB charger adapter. Fast connection to your SAE cable. No LED for reduced power consumption. #CYBD+SBPN+SAE1/CP

This is a dual USB 3.1 amp charger. A total of 3.1 amps for both ports Each port can produce 2.7 amps depending on demand. The charger has an oversized cap that snaps over the charger face for waterproof protection. A rubber boot protects the charger wire terminals form weather. The SAE connector also has a waterproof cap. The SAE cable is set up for standard connections but the polarity is reversible.

Can be used for charging two USB devices.

Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles.