Plug Rugged Heavy Duty 12 V 20A High Power Fused Lighter Socket Outlet RV #Dplg

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High Current Heavy Duty 12 volt 20 amp Accessory Lighter Fused Plug with Power LED.


This listing is for one heavy duty high capacity accessory plug rated at 20 amp. for 12 volts. #DPLG.

Why is this a true 20 amp plug?

1. The negative contacts are elongated to allow for maximum surface contact needed for a true 20 amp plug.

2. The fuse spring, that is internal to the plug, is extra heavy duty to allow for 20 amps.

3. All the contacts are gold plated for maximum conductivity.

4. Enlarged wire egress. ( includes small diameter wire grommet).

The plug has an internal replaceable fuse and with a red LED active power indicator light. The contacts are extra heavy gold plated and nickel plated brass.