Outside High Power Heavy Duty 12V Extension Cord 6ft 14 AWG Socket Plug 25 Amp #cjd+sbpn+e72+zplg/pba.

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This listing is for a high current 12 volt ( 24 volt ) extension cord. Designed for 25 amps @12 volts. The socket is a heavy duty socket all metal and ceramic construction with a rubber protective boot, the wire is 14 AWG rubberized insulation and is 6 ft long, and the plug is a high current fused plug with Bakelite  construction with a rubber plug skirt for moisture protection. # #cjd+sbpn+e72+zplg/pba.

Why is this a high power 12 volt extension cord?
All the components are designed to accept heat that is often associated with high current applications. The socket has all metal and ceramic interior and is insulated. A rubber boot and tight fitting front cap keep the socket waterproof. 
The plug a heavy duty springs and contacts  the case is made of high heat Bakelite. A rubber plug skirt protect the plug to socket connection fro exposure to moisture.
The socket accepts all cigarette lighter style 12 volt accessory plugs (not for hot lighter use). The plug is compatible with 12 volt automotive sockets. 
10 foot length available at our other listing.