Waterproof SAE Inline Fuse Holder S-type 12V/24V Easy Access Replacement, Standard Fuses. SAEfssr-15

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This listing is for one inline standard S-type / SAE fuse holder for 12 volt or 24 volt operation. Molded SAE connectors with caps and rubber fuse enclosurer and screw down fuse lid make this a high quality waterproof assembly.

The fuse holder assembly allows you to place this fuse holder external to your fuse panel. To fuse an external SAE cable run and give you quick and easy access to the line fuse. The fuse can be placed close to the load source for faster protection.  By using a smaller fuse then the one in the vehicles fuse panel it will blow first. Includes a standard glass 15 amp fuse 5x20mm.

Truck, Industrial applications, RV, trailer, snowmobile.                                                                                       

Fuse holder with 15 Amp fuse.

Made in the USA.