New Intelligent Waterproof 4.8 Amp USB Fast Charger Plug Socket 12V / 24V Outlet #CPB/sw

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New Smart 4.8 amp charger. Blue power LED.

This charger has distributed power intelligence. The power is distributed between the two ports on demand and as required by the device. As your device gets charged the current demand from the charger tapers off.

Say you have one device plugged in that is mostly charged and one device that is fully discharged. The device that is almost charged may only be drawing 1 amp from the charger. While the initial demand of the device needing to charged my be 3 amps. The charger will distribute the power accordingly. If you plug two fully discharged device in the charger will provide up to 2.4 amps per port to begin the charging cycle.

Now with rubber sealing and mounting washer.


Ships from the USA.

This listing is for one USB dual charger socket with waterproof cap. Note, the cap design might vary from what is shown but equally waterproof. Attaches to your 12 volt source and allows you to charge USB accessories. Rubber sealing washer makes for a more waterproof and vibration resistant mount. #CPB/SW

The socket body is a heavy nylon with all nickel plated parts. The weatherproof cap fits into the front of the charger to keep moisture out when not in use. The socket has 0.250 male spade type terminals for easy wire connections.

Input voltage 12V or 24V DC. This charger is rated for 4.8 amps at 5 VDC. It can accept two USB devices and will distribute the chargers power on demand by the devices being charged up to 3.3 amps per port. Built in intelligent technology to produce a constant 5 Volts DC rapid charge. This constant voltage source is important for successful charging operating, and extending the life of your batteries.

Rubber mounting washer seals the panel opening and improves the assemblies vibration resistance. When placed between the panel and the nut. The nut will not become loose in high vibration applications such as motorcycles.

The socket fits in a 1-1/8" hole in panels up to 1-1/4 inch thick with the backing nut.