Motorcycle Safe For Gel Cell, AGM Automatic Smart Battery 12 V Trickle Charger #ps2/pba

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Extra long cord.

This is a high quality smart automatic multiple state charger that will maintain your

Motorcycle battery at top performance. This charger is specifically designed for sealed motorcycle batteries such a AGM or Gel Cell.


Designed expressly for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, tractors and mowers. Plugs into a lighter style power outlet or socket for quick connection.

Don't overcharge your battery by using chargers that were deigned for larger batteries, or only led acid non sealed batteries or using low cost charger that are not smart.

-Ships form the USA.

-Three state automatic trickle charger.

-Works on Flood Cell, AGM and Gel Batteries.

-Green and red indicator light to indicate charging and full charge.

-800 ma for smaller motorcycle style 12 volt lead acid batteries.

-10 foot charging cord.

-Standard lighter or hella style plug and waterproof boot.

-Short circuit protection.

-Over voltage protection.

-110V / 240V operation.

-Max. charge voltage 14.1V, float voltage 13.5 V. Great for all types of motorcycle batteries, specifically safe for Gel Cell type.

This is a listing for one (1 ) smart automatic trickle 12 volt charger that plugs into your 12 volt socket designed for motorcycle syle batteries. Works with any 12 v socket and will maintain the ready charge state of your motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile. The charger has a 12 volt lighter style plug with a 10 ft cord. The charge is a multi state charger that has three states; charge, maintain and float. The plug also has a plug boot such that when the plug is inserted into the socket the plug connection is waterproof. The boot seals the opening as shown ( socket shown is not included in this listing) The waterproof connection, with the long cord, allows you to charge while your bike or snow mobile is outside while the charger is plugged into a 110 volt wall outlet.

The charger has an indicator light that glows red while it is charging at 10 watts and a green when your battery is topped off. It will not overcharge your battery. You can keep this charger plugged into your battery if you are not going to use your Motorcycle for extended periods of time it will maintain the charge at full charge. If you are not using your bike for a period of time, your battery will start discharge to a point were it will not be capable of starting. The time period depends on how new or good your battery is. With the trickle charger plugged in your battery, it will be maintained at it top performance. When it starts to discharge the charger will bring it back to full charge and go into the float state.

It is used for maintaining full charge when a good battery is at rest. If your battery is discharged to a very low or dead state the charger will blink red to indicate that state.

The charger has short circuit protection so if you plug it into a damaged battery or accidentally drop the plug in water it will not damage the charger. The wall mounted charger should be plugged into a 110 volt outlet and should be kept dry. The socket that you plug the charger into must be attached directly to your battery through a fuse wire harness for safety. This allows your battery to be charging when your ignition is off.

The plug is a dual function plug works with any lighter style or 12 volt accessory socket When the red top is twisted off the plug will also fit European standard Hella or BMW Powerlet.