Motorcycle Powerlet For BMW Hella 12 Volt German Outlet Socket Plug European #hs/bplg/sbh/pba/2fmcn

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Waterproof anti- vibration assembly with a dual function fused plug and smaller socket called either a Powerlet or German socket type. #hs/bplg/sbh/pba/2fmcn

This listing is for a 12 volt socket and plug assembly consisting of a BMW style socket with terminal waterproof boot and two female crimp style terminals. Also a matching dual function plug with a waterproof boot.

The BMW style socket and plugs are used through out Europe for portable 12 volt accessory applications much the way we use the standard 12 volt lighter socket. The advantage of the BMW style combination is that it is smaller with the same electrical capacity, plus the plug and socket snap together to give it a positive locking for an anti- vibration proof connection. The standard 12 volt lighter socket uses a friction fit for the socket to plug connection and can vibrate out of connection in mobile applications.

Plus, we have added to this assembly a socket terminal boot to cover the wire terminals from weather exposure. To the plug, we have also added a plug boot, such that when the plug is in the socket the boot slides down to seal the socket to plug connection from water intrusion. This makes the whole assembly waterproof.

The quality socket is constructed with brass and beryllium copper contacts that accept all BMW style plugs. The socket has a tight fitting vinyl cap that seals the opening when not in use. It also comes with a terminal boot that will protect the male socket terminals form weather intrusion. The male terminal are standard 0.250 spade terminals. The assembly come with two matching female disconnect terminal for installation convenience. The socket is 1.5" long from the mounting flange face to the tip of the terminals. And mounts in a hole opening of 3/4" ( 0.75"). The maximum panel thickness is less than 1/2" The socket is rated at 15 amps for 12 volts DC. The socket weight is 0.7 oz.

The plug is weather and vibration resistant. This is a dual function plug; when the twist off red cap is on the plug can be used with any 12 volt lighter outlet. When the red cap is twisted off it plugs into the above matching BMW style socket, or any BMW style socket, with positive locking.The plug comes with a socket boot that slips over the plug. When the plug is inserted into the socket the boot can be slid down to protect the socket opening and seal the connection from weather and possible short circuits. All contact material of the plug is nickel plated brass or copper. Not all look-a-like plugs have this higher quality contact material or are fused. The plug is vibration resistant because it has heavy dual spring contact prongs and two opposing sprung plastic glides, so the plug stays the standard socket opening when inserted. The wire contacts are screw type but can also be soldered. The plug has a built in 5 Amp fuse glass mini fuse but is rated for 10 amps. The plug weight is 0.6 oz.