Motorcycle Marine Cigarette Lighter 12 V Accessory Socket Outlet + fuse+ cable

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Great for GPS, ipod, cell and all 12 volt accessories. #MSR+/hrn30


Now with a snap on socket lid that will always fit tight. Most sockets have a slip on socket lid that often does not stay seated, especially in hot weather. This socket has a lid that snaps on over the front of the socket that produces a waterproof seal.



This is a kit of one quality female metal lighter socket with cap, and contact boot 30 inch harness also known as a loom and fuse holder and fuse.

Each assembly consists of an inter socket that is nickle plated and has a ceramic insulator with copper/brass contacts. The outer insulating shell is nickel plated and screws onto the inner socket. Each assembly comes a vinyl snap on opening cap that seals the opening and a contact boot to seal the terminals. The socket mounts in 7/8 inch whole and is held in place with the outer shell in panels up to 1/4 inch thick. Draws no power when not in use, so it can't run down your battery.

Works with any standard cigarette lighter plug Check my other auction if you need a plug.

The wire harness or loom is 30 inches ( longer wire harnesses are available see below) and is made out of 16 AWG wire, has female insulated quick connects to plug into the socket, 1/4" ring connectors to attach to your battery or terminal block and a ATO or ATM auto type fuse holder and a fuse. Easy to hook up with red for positive and black for negative.