Motorcycle Heavy Duty Cigarette Lighter Socket 12V Power Outlet Mount 20 Amp. CTd/SB-/FPMNTChrn18

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New lighter socket with hot pop out lighter plug, boot, mount and pigtail. Can also be used for accessory plugs. #CTd/SB-/FPMNTChrn18

Assembled and shipped from the USA



This socket can be used for both lighting cigarette or for accessories such as GPS, 12 volt chargers or iPods. Heavy duty 20 amp rating. Works with all lighter plugs and all 12 volt style accessory plugs. Plugs are not included in this listing only the socket assembly.

Assembled and shipped from the USA

This listing is for one lighter socketwith front cap and terminal boot that covers the back of the sockets, nylon mount and 18" pigtail with splice connectors- assembly as shown.

The socket has a heavy nylon UV resistant body and a nickel plated core. A vinyl opening cap inserts into the core and snaps over the socket rim to produce a waterproof seal. A waterproof connector boot slips over the terminals for protection. The socket works with all pop out style lighter plugs or with standard accessory plugs. Two prongs internal to the socket core make the socket to plug connection vibration proof. The assembly comes with an 18 inch wire pigtail that connects to the socket and has butt splice connectors to allow for hook up with an existing fuse circuit. It is rated a 20 amps at 12 volts. Patent pending by 12vtechnology.

The mount is a heavt nylon mount and a 18 inch pigtail for easy hook up plus comes with butt splice connectors.