Motorcycle Handlebar Mount 12V Power Outlet Waterproof w/ Weather Cap And Boot

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Fits handlebars / frames to 1-1/2", Ships from the USA. msr/gmnt/gb/2fmcn


Great for GPS, iPODs, Cell Phones and all 12 volt accessories. Quick installation to battery

This is a kit of one female metal socket with cap, water resistant boot, a special socket mount as shown and two female crimp connectors.

Now with a snap on socket lid that will always fit tight. Most sockets have a slip on socket lid that often does not stay seated, especially in hot weather. This socket has a lid that snaps on over the front of the socket that produces a waterproof seal. The terminal boot covers the wire contacts to prevent shorts.

The socket assembly consists of a core socket that is nickle plated and has a ceramic insulator with copper/brass contacts and a clear socket bezel. The outer insulating shell is nickel plated and screws onto the core socket. Rated at 240 watts 20 amps at 12 volts.

Works with any standard cigarette lighter plug or 12 volt accessory plugs.

The mount clamps on to the handlebars and clamps the socket securely to the mount. A series of rubber bushings allow the mount to adapt to handlebars from 7/8" to 1-1/2" in diameter.

-Add a USB charger adapter and universal USB connector waterproof vinyl boot. The adapter plugs into your socket to allow you to plug in your USB charger, and the boot slides over your USB cable connector to protect the connection from water intrusion and failure. Can be purchased at this listing 121001915030 at time of purchase. Paste that number into the Ebay search box to buy it.

-Add a vinyl plug boot to make the plug socket combination more waterproof. When using a 12 volt plug and socket combination outdoors, there is a gap between the socket and the plug that is susceptible to water entry. The plug boot slides over any cigarette lighter plug or accessory plug . When the plug is inserted into the power outlet / socket, the boot presses up against the socket surface and forms a seal. No more blown fuses or intermittent operation. Can be purchase at this listing with a special price at the time you purchase this item 121002986189.

-Add a fuse holder to your socket installation. Always connect the socket to your battery with a fuse in between. This listing is for an inline waterproof fuse holder and a 15 amp ATO fuse. 110968445581 Paste that number into the Ebay search to find this special listing with free shipping. Discounts available on more than five.

-Hot lighter plug works with this socket product to light cigarettes. See 121053223089.

-Add a hot pop out cigarette lighter socket and plug boot. See 110974981606.

-Add a high quality smart 12 volt trickle charger that plugs into your socket. It will keep your battery a full charge when it is not in use. The charger plugs into the wall and has a 10 ft cord with a 12 volt lighter style plug with a weather proof boot. You can charge your battery outside. See listing 121064224167. Paste that number into the Ebay search box to find the listing.

-Add wires with a fused 60 inch (5ft) wire harness to your socket assembly. The harness comes with of a fuse holder and fuse, and red and black wire connectors to attach to your socket and battery. See 121264213736

-Extended warranty. This product comes with a one year warranty for damage during normal use. Just return it for repair or replace. If you want to extend the basic warranty period to three years, buy this