Motorcycle Dual 4.8 Amp USB Charger Hella BMW Powerlet Plug Adapter Socket 12V #HPA10UD-C

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Highest power waterproof dual USB charger converter that plugs into a Hella, Powerlet or BMW socket and converts it to a 5 volt USB socket. The plug has a water resistant skirt to protect the plug connection and the 4.8 amp USB converter socket has a over sized snap on cap to seals the opening when not in use. # HPA10UD-C

Works with all USB plug types. Fast charge your iPhone or GPS. 

This listing is for one 4.8 amp USB charger- Hella style male plug adapter to dual 5 volt female USB socket. The Hella plug is connected to the USB charger socket on a 5 inches  wire pigtail. A rubber boot protects the wire connections. The USB charger can also be mounted in a panel or on a handlebar mount A tight fitting caps seal the USB openings when not in use. The assembly is made out of non corrosive UV resistant materials. The plug has a vinyl plug skirt that when plugged into the Hella style socket will shield the connection from excessive moisture intrusion.