Liquid Level Tank Float Switch Long Cord 14 Foot 12V, 10mm Hole Mount #swflt2-

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The kit includes float switch with sealed 14 foot wire allowing for switch submersion, Rubber hole seal. Mounts in a 10mm hole. Surface thickness up to 3/8". #swflt2

The switch may actuate a pump relay, or indicator an alarm. It is rated for at 12 Volts DC at 18 watts. It can be easily converted from normally open contacts to normally closed by reversing the float on the switch shaft.

Max. Contact Rating: 18W Max. 
Switching Voltage:  12 Volts DC 
Max. Switching Current:   1.5A   
Temperature Rating:  -10 ~ +85 ℃ 
Float Ball Material:    PP   
Float Body Material:   PP+GF     
Screw Nut Material:  PP+GF  
E-Ring Material:  PP 

Use them with hydroponics, saltwater tank, Bait well, water tank, gardening pond, Hot water heater leak wells, aquariums, pet bowls, bait tanks, Boat lockers filtration, heating, pumps, ponds, basement alarms, boats, air condition, drain pans, pressure washers, carpet cleaning machines, fluid control, ice machines, coffee pots, marine,  evaporator coils condensation tanks, etc.