Lighter outlet 12 V accessory socket,L bracket, boot

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Waterproof socket, L-Mount and boot, also female flag connectors. #CS/RLMNT/RB/2flgcon/sw

This is a kit of one female socket with flag connectors for a tight fit, a right angle mount/bracket, rubber sealing washer and a contact boot. All materials are heavy high quality. With the cap sealing the socket opening and the boot fit over the socket body protecting the connectors, the socket becomes highly weather resistant.

The socket is marine grade and is UV and weather resistant. The contacts are nickel plated. The socket is vibration resistant, unlike less expensive versions. The socket has .250 quick male connections, included is the matching two female connectors. The socket has a 15 amp rating.

Works with any standard cigarette lighter plug or a lockable marine plug available at my other auction. A locking plug locks into the socket with a quarter turn twist and can’t be pulled out. It also becomes weather proof and vibration resistant. Draws no power when not in use.

The contact boot is made out of a rubber like UV resistant vinyl and snugly fits over the socket body to protect the wires from exposure.

The mount is made out of heavy marine grade UV resistant glass filled plastic and is very strong. The bracket mounts with four screws ( screws not included) on a 2" x 2" foot print. The bracket is structurally re-enforced.