Industrial Type Dc 12-24V Led Digital Voltmeter Round Panel W/ Message Tag

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Panel mount voltmeter with message tag and rubber sealing washer and terminals. Allows you label the voltmeter per the applications.


This is a high quality voltmeter for checking the state of your battery and battery charger. The state of your battery between full charged and discharged. Can indicate a poor or bad charging system. Tells whether your battery is holding a charge or not.

Includes a clear window message tag/ label. You can indicate the function of the voltmeter. Panel mounts.

The meter has easy to read blue LED segments ( red is also available) and connect to your 12 volt system. It mounts in a 1-1/8" hole in panels up 1-Ľ" thick, a nylon retaining nut holds the meter in place. The rubber sealing washer allows for a more water resistant installation. The socket body is made out of heavy nylon. The meter has 1/4" male spade terminals and comes with matching female connectors as shown. A vinyl terminal boot or cover protects the wire connections from exposure. The meter draws nominally 10 ma. and the range is 0-35 vdc.

-Add wires with a fused 60 inch (5ft) wire harness to your socket assembly. The harness comes with of a fuse holder and fuse, and red and black wire connectors to attach to your socket and battery. See 121264213736

-Add a mounting hole bore. Allows you to drill or enlarge a hole in your panel or dash to mount this product. See 121486220109.